Monday, November 30, 2009

Map of South Campus

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South Campus is at the corner of Park and Getwell on Getwell.

There will be signs directing you to our building from the entrance on Getwell.

Email us if you have any questions on how to get there.

Only 5 Days Left!!!

The big day is almost here. We are crossing our t's and dotting our i's at the moment to make sure the families have the best experience possible.

BUT we still need some volunteers. Check out our schedule and see if there are any times that you might be willing to contribute. If you want in, leave a comment below or email us what times you will be able to come out.

Volunteer Schedule
(don't worry about the exact times on the schedule, just let us know when you can come)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Coming Together

Plans are starting to take shape. It looks like we will be working with Latino Memphis and the Davis Community Center. Both are terrific groups, that really help out the Memphis community.

Also, the UT Health Science Dental School is working on possibly setting up and providing some demos and info about pediatric oral hygiene. Smiles are important.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


On Saturday, December 5th we are going to be taking part in a movement called "Help Portrait". What that means is that we will be using our cameras, skills,and knowledge to create professional quality family portraits (at NO COST) for families that would not be able to have this done otherwise.

There will be an informational meeting at Building 47 on South Campus Saturday, November 21st @1pm

Our needs are not just photographic, someone will have to take the picture of course, but most of the work will not require extensive photographic knowledge.

Example of Needs:
Photographers, Photo Assistants, Greeters, Registration help, Runners, Printers, Spanish Translators, etc

If you feel the need to give something back this holiday season, we can use your help. Please either come to the meeting, visit, or send an email to

Chase Malone